My lack of sleep is seriously affecting my tolerance for annoying people

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Brooke Eva by Jesse Narducci

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I don’t know if it was the eclipse, tax day, natural disasters, anniversaries of tragedies, or it was just their turn, but most people who are important to me had a terribly difficult and challenging time this week, myself included. We all inevitably allow things to build up and either choose to deal with them at a better time (which will never come) or simply ignore the problems outright (which is never healthy). Eventually the dam breaks, your spleen ruptures, the business fails, or she finally says ‘no,’ and things fall apart.Unfortunately, there are no great answers to be found, no easy fixes to download. You cry, scream, punch a wall, have a drink, break something important, or any other futile gesture you think helps you personally, then you go back to work at a slower pace. It’s what we all do, and that’s okay.Things are hard and they will continue to be. You’re tired and lose hope from time to time; you’ve earned that feeling of hitting rock bottom. But at the very least, remember you’re not alone. We all land at this point from time to time, and all those clichés about the sun coming out tomorrow and looking on the bright side of life are not-so-subtle hints at the true, simplistic answer to these complicated questions: it won’t last forever. It never does. You may have to trudge through the muck for a while, it may take time or energy or money or humility, but things will improve. Now you just need to choose to believe that it will, which may be harder than you think, but you can. Now do it.
Model: Brooke Eva


Where is the money going?


If you’re donating to our campaign we want you to know where the money is going!

Location: The main place the money will go is securing a beautiful location in LA. We already have our location in mind, and it features lots of natural light, a lot of different possible photoshoot areas including…

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for $50, you can get a digital download ALL 8 ISSUES of NSFW magazine!

Featuring freelance models Kacie Marie, Hattie Watson,
Rivi Madison, Palesaent, Jenny Boa, Lola Agnosia, Sierra McKenzie, Vaunt, Mosh, Cam Damage and more!

Check out this and other incentives on our fundraising page today!

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May Travel Plans!!


Currently Booking May Travel!!:
(Seeking a host in KC, Chicago and Milwaukee)
Kansas city 8-9 
St. Louis 10-11 
Chicago 12-17 
Milwaukee 18-20

The 23-4th I’m touring with the amazing Brooke Eva - Bay area, Reno and Salt Lake City.

EMAIL me at for bookings - please dont message me here.

Signal boost for my babes 

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Anonymous asked: Would you sell some instax photos?

Danger Ninja  will be selling those specific Instax 

Ill be selling instax/polaroids in the near future 

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Brooke Eva by Jesse DeYoung

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Brooke Eva by Jorge Kreimer

Brooke Eva by Jesse DeYoung

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Instax minis by Danger Ninja
Brooke Eva by Jesse DeYoung



If you donate ANY AMOUNT to our fundraising campaign, even $1, we will give you a free ticket to either attend our first fan event in person, or get a webcast code to watch online live! Our first fan event is planned for August 15th, and will include a roundtable discussion, a Q&A, opporunities to get your photo taken with the models, as well as buy merch and get things signed! Take a minute to give a few bucks, and check out our other incentives while you’re at it!

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Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

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Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters
Maddox leather