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Self portraits has become a way for me to deal with anxiety attacks. It’s been really interesting.

I’m a goddamn sore loser

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Brooke Eva by dstoke
Brooke Eva by dstoke


Getting weird with

Model: Brooke Eva 

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Brooke Eva by Eric Reidnextdoormodel

Anonymous asked: I love you, I love you, and I love you! :)

Then I wish I knew who you were lol

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godlovesbacon asked: Totally not getting the need to see your vagina in a picture. How can they possibly miss you bright, beautiful glorious soul that explodes from every image? Love your work, you are an amazing human being.

You guuuys, stop making me smile I’m trying to wallow in self pity and regret here.

Thank you so much :) You are too sweet and you’re blog name just solidifies the fact that clearly you are a good judge of character so I’ll take your work for it.

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shardsofpornography asked: You're stunning.

 only on the outside, trust me

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Anonymous asked: You are absolutely intoxicating.. Thank you for sharing your essence. I am anonymously in complete awe, and captivated by all of you. Shine on you crazy diamond...

needed that :)

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captaincorey asked: you are awesome. for real.

Thank you love :)

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Anonymous asked: Is there a way to see your vagina, close-up, in a totally artistic, totally no sexual way?


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noah7369 asked: You are absolutely


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Anonymous asked: You need a sugar daddy! lol

no I don’t

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elmomcfudd asked: Do you like disco biscuits with your disco lemonade😍

that’s a lot of disco

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