natecars asked: Heyy before the day was over I saw that you said it was your bday on your other blog. Happy birthday!! And I hope it was a good one.

Thank you! It was :) It was low key. Went to a cool hidden bar in Hollywood and got chicken and waffles after lol.

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Brooke Eva by Ray Gutierrez
Birthday suit 
Brooke Eva by Jorge Kreimer

Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

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"I said I didn’t want to talk about it"

Brooke Eva Self Portrait
photography blog

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Brooke Eva by Josh Horne

Brooke Eva by Ray Gutierrez

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Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

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Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

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Brooke Eva

BTS with Jeff Waters

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I’m proud to announce the launch of our crowd-funding campaign for the First Freelance Model Convention, affectionately called MODEL-CON! Sierra McKenzie and I have been working with models Cam Damage, Brooke Eva, Jacs Fishburne, Freshie Juice, Rivi Madison, and many others, with help from photographers Derek Woods, Henry Gaudier-Greene, and more to create events where creative people in the freelance model industry can work together, share ideas, and create a true feeling of community within out decentralized industry. But we need your help!We will be offering donation incentives that you will not find anywhere, including signed prints from the event, one-of-a-kind Polaroids, video clips, access to the live blog updated throughout the event, a booklet of behind-the-scenes images and stories, a limited supply of VIP passes with an all-access invitation to all the events, and more.Please donate today and make MODEL-CON 2014 become a reality!

I am so proud to be a part of this amazing project and I am so grateful to know such wonderful people like sierramckenzie and markvelasquez. I couldnt be for excited about this event! please check us out and be sure to stay UTD with Model Con news :)

Brooke Eva by Eric Reid

Clare Bare lingerie

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Accidental water bottle photobomb

Brooke Eva Self Shot
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Clare Bare Lingerie

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Anonymous asked: 1st off-hope things work out RE your bday n shit. You are killing it on the personal blog. Owl and weird true detective-ish gif thing are awesome. RE-the hair. Do it! Would be awesome. Expand your modeling horizons and if it makes you happy then go for it. If you need to offset it for work, just grow out a red bush. Prob just as much demand for that in the "artsy nude" world. Maybe more, oddly. And that'll prob end all the weird requests for pussy pics you're getting too. Win-Win! Take care

Thank you?

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ryansbussard asked: Not a question, but more of a signal boost. All photographers should work with this girl. Brooke, you're an excellent model with a great sense of humor. So if you're a photographer, contact her for work!

Awe! Ryan!  :):)

Same goes for him if you are a model in or traveling through LA!!!

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