Anonymous asked: You need a sugar daddy! lol

no I don’t

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elmomcfudd asked: Do you like disco biscuits with your disco lemonadešŸ˜

that’s a lot of disco

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Anonymous asked: what does the happiest... perfect... day involve for you? big hugs!!!

no money worries, camping, shooting, someone I care about.

lots of food and weed lol

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Anonymous asked: I just fucking jerked off staring at pictures of your cunt!! That's so how

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Anonymous asked: Hey, were you in Vegas last weekend? Thought I might have seen ppl that looked like you and Bunniie walking. Like North end near Venitian maybe 1-2ish on Sun. Thought maybe it was just in my head from recently seeing the vid w you two but then saw Bunniie said she was going to Vegas last wknd so maybe I did see you two. Anyway, nice blog and keep up the good work

haha nopeĀ just been home smoking pot lol
Im not cool

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Anonymous asked: lalalalalalalalalalalalala

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Brooke Eva by Eric Reid

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Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

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Anonymous asked: You are going on a road trip and you could only load 5 albums on your iPod. What 5 albums do you choose?

That question gives me a headache. Zeppelin discography… Or Cold War kids, Fiona Apple, William Elliot Witmore, bright eyes, and the Rolling Stones. Don’t make me pick albums my brain will explode.

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Anonymous asked: Why don't you have the photographers pay you up front into your PayPal? If they're serious, make them pay first, even an hour before!

I should start asking for deposits, more then one persons told me that.

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davidshitsonyou asked: Big fan of your work, much love from Spain!

Thank you lovely

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you can live with us among the has beens and the addicts
Brooke Eva//Jeff Waters
Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

I scraped on the walls like an orthodox saint
Model: Brooke Eva
Photographer: Jeff Waters 

I’m reblogging/reposting these today because it’s still one of my absolute favorite sets.  These were shot in late 2012 during a really weird transitional period in my life and they’re are probably some of the most honest photos ever taken of me.