Anonymous asked: Hey, were you in Vegas last weekend? Thought I might have seen ppl that looked like you and Bunniie walking. Like North end near Venitian maybe 1-2ish on Sun. Thought maybe it was just in my head from recently seeing the vid w you two but then saw Bunniie said she was going to Vegas last wknd so maybe I did see you two. Anyway, nice blog and keep up the good work

haha nope just been home smoking pot lol
Im not cool

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Anonymous asked: lalalalalalalalalalalalala

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Brooke Eva by Eric Reid

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Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

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Anonymous asked: You are going on a road trip and you could only load 5 albums on your iPod. What 5 albums do you choose?

That question gives me a headache. Zeppelin discography… Or Cold War kids, Fiona Apple, William Elliot Witmore, bright eyes, and the Rolling Stones. Don’t make me pick albums my brain will explode.

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Anonymous asked: Why don't you have the photographers pay you up front into your PayPal? If they're serious, make them pay first, even an hour before!

I should start asking for deposits, more then one persons told me that.

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davidshitsonyou asked: Big fan of your work, much love from Spain!

Thank you lovely

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you can live with us among the has beens and the addicts
Brooke Eva//Jeff Waters
Brooke Eva by Jeff Waters

I scraped on the walls like an orthodox saint
Model: Brooke Eva
Photographer: Jeff Waters 

I’m reblogging/reposting these today because it’s still one of my absolute favorite sets.  These were shot in late 2012 during a really weird transitional period in my life and they’re are probably some of the most honest photos ever taken of me.
Preview from yesterday with Eric Reid

Brooke Eva by cultphotography

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Cold BTS with Jeff Waters

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Brooke Eva by cultphotography

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